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1. Introduction:   
Your privacy is valuable for us. We do not sell or forward or rent your personal information what you share with Kingdemy, to any third party for any purposes like marketing etc. without your explicit consent. This statement of privacy is applicable to our services available under the domain name and any other connected sub-domain names and applies generally to subsidiaries of Kingdemy. Your use of website signifies your acceptance of the Kingdemy Privacy Statement.
Kingdemy strives to comply with applicable laws that are designed to protect your privacy.
Any interpretation of the terms of this Privacy Policy shall be in consonance with the “terms of use”.

In order to protect your privacy, Kingdemy has adopted the following principles:   
(a) Security
Wherever your Personal Information may be held within Kingdemy, the company intends to take reasonable steps to protect it from unauthorized access or disclosure. Kingdemy is committesd to protecting the security of your personal information. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. For example, we store the personal information you provide on computer systems with limited access, which are located in controlled facilities.

(b) Choice
You may choose whether or not to provide Personal Information to Kingdemy. The notice Kingdemy intends to provide at the point where it collects Personal Information on the Site or its official blog, should help you to make this choice. If you choose not to provide the Personal Information we request, you can still visit most of Kingdemy’s Web sites, but you may be unable to access certain options, offers, and services that involve our interaction with you. If you chose to have a relationship with Kingdemy, such as a contractual or other business relationship, Kingdemy will naturally continue to contact you in connection with that business relationship.

(c) Notice
Where Kingdemy collects Personal Information on the Site or Blog, Kingdemy intends to post a purpose statement that explains why Personal Information will be collected and whether Kingdemy plans to share such Personal Information outside of Kingdemy or with those working on Kingdemy’s behalf. Unless the transfer of Personal Information is legally required, Kingdemy does not intend to transfer Personal Information without your permission to third parties who are not bound to act on Kingdemy’s behalf.

(d) Access/Accuracy
To the extent that you do provide Kingdemy with Personal Information, Kingdemy wishes to maintain accurate Personal Information. Where Kingdemy collects Personal Information from you on the Site, its aim is to provide a means of contacting Kingdemy should you need to update or correct that Information. If for any reason those means are unavailable or inaccessible, you may send updates and corrections about your Personal Information and Kingdemy will make reasonable efforts to incorporate the changes.

By using this Web site, you consent to the terms of Kingdemy’s Privacy Policy and to Kingdemy’s processing of Personal Information for the purposes given above. There are times, however, when Kingdemy may need information from you, such as your name and address. When information is needed, Kingdemy will try (but is not obligated) to let you know at the time of collection, how it will use the personal information. Usually, the personal information Kingdemy collects is used only by it to respond to your inquiry, process an order or allow you to access specific account information. Occasionally, Kingdemy may make the e-mail addresses, of those who provide information, available to other reputable organizations whose products or services it thinks you may find interesting. In these cases, you will be offered an opportunity to limit access to your information. In case Kingdemy does not receive any response from you to limit the access of your information, it shall be deemed that you consent to such distribution of your Personal Information as mentioned above.

For the purpose of alumni interaction or academic interaction amongst the enrolled students For the purpose of intra business interaction among various subsidiaries of Kingdemy.

We offer some of our services in connection with other web sites. Personal information that you provide to those sites may be sent
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